New year, new U

I’ve been thinking ahead to what I want to accomplish in 2018. I’m not thinking in terms of setting resolutions for things to change, but in terms of things to try.

I’m doing great things in terms of introducing User Experience in to the current platform I design for, and exciting as it is I need to add some metrics to look back on how well it really goes in 2018.

I’m planning 3 week sprints of UX research / testing and then development of the first tool (online surveys) to see how we can make the platform better for users.

I’m going to look at new things to try to get those results, so think 2018 needs to start with researching ways to get user feedback without much of a budget.

Next goal we be to look at email design, how can we improve on design to increase response rates for surveys?

Feel free to pm me with ideas, and watch this space for the progress in 2018.